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Two early 17th century carved oak and gilt French chapel niches


Two early seventeenth-century French chapel niches made of carved oak, gilded with gold leaf and executed in the classicist design language.

The niches are each provided with a pair of columns with capitals decorated in the richest Composite style (a step above Corinthian). The cornucopia, a prominent scallop shell, oak leaves, bunches of grapes and a beautiful, large inward looking bird’s head on each side panel are other visible decorations.

The signature gray paint color was under every gilding. The gold leaf was not applied in one go, as this was an expensive product. Instead, every time some money was available, an extra piece was gilded.

Both examples from the late Renaissance period show similarities to a great extent and are, apart from some subtle differences, a pair (near-pair).

Dimensions left niche:
± h 264 x w 224 x d 32.5 cm

Dimensions right niche:
± 264 x W 164 x D 41 cm

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