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Aged oak floorboards Cognac


Aged, old looking oak floorboards in the colour Cognac. The wood has a distressed original old looking structure due to brushing and tumbeling, giving it the look of a real antique old floor, but perfectly aged.
The distressed color of the oak is achieved through a natural conditioning process (not through a color wash or stain). That is why the wooden floor has a natural variation in shades. The floor has a protective finish with a transparent coating. (can also be ordered with a hand wax finish if desired).

The boards are in three different widths; 14, 18 and 22 cm but can also be ordered on one of these widths.
The thickness of the boards 15 mm.

These oak planks can be ordered both in solid version or in engeneered version, the latter being is suitable for under-floor-heating.

Also available in other colours; Dark Cognac, Old Grey (see below)

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