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Oil painting from the Art Deco period by Jacques Paul-Bertrand, 1918


Great oil painting from the Art Deco period on canvas. The painting portrays a naked (Greek?) woman with a laurel branch in her hair. Sublime details can be seen in the laurel branch in the lady’s hair, her eyes and the draped veil over her legs, the red color of which also contrasts very nicely with the beautiful green background. In the top left corner a hand-painted literary quote from the French poet Boudelaire. Signed and dated Jacques Paul-Bertrand. 1918.

The painted text translates:

from satan or god, whatever! angel or sirene,
Who cares, if you come back – fairy with velvet eyes,
rhythm, perfume, glow, oh my only queen! —
the universe less horrible and the moments less heavy

h 124 x w 89 cm


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