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Monumental oak spiral staircase with massive oak trunk ± 450 cm


A monumental, completely free-standing, dark oak spiral staircase. The central newel of this very large spiral staircase consists of an entire solid oak tree trunk, which is made into a strong pole with a diameter of 30 cm. Because of this, the bullnose steps around it have remained firmly in place for 150 years without sagging.

The oak round edge (stringer) that surrounds the steps consists of large, hand-worked, strong pieces of oak that show the extraordinary craftsmanship of the stair builders.

The banister consists of a wrought iron railing that on wrought iron spindles or balusters with rosettes, starting with an ornamented cast iron hand baluster.

The underside of the stairs, between the stringer and the central newel, was originally plastered. This plaster had to be removed in order to break out the staircase in one piece, without cutting it. When the stairs are placed in a new house, plaster can be applied again. The photos show how we got the stairs out in one piece by breaking down an inner wall and an outer wall. The original plaster of the stairs is also clearly visible in the photos.

The history of spiral staircases goes back to a reference in the Old Testament and the Temple of Solomon.

In Roman times, and later throughout the Middle Ages, spiral staircases became more and more the standard for using in fortresses, castles and cathedrals across Europe. The upward direction of the stairs is clockwise, which made it difficult for potential enemies to use a sword as the sword arm would then be next to the centre post. Spiral staircases have been associated with castles and kings ever since.

Throughout history, spiral staircases have remained a sought-after piece to incorporate into beautiful homes and interior designs. In today’s modern design, a spiral staircase is still a beloved design statement because of its timeless appearance.

This spiral staircase comes including the preformed wooden parts of the stairwell and including the handrail of the landing.

The measurements are:

Total height: 448.5 cm
22 steps of 19.5 cm high plus the last step to the landing is 23 x 19.5 = 448.5 cm
Step width: 76 cm
Width bottom step:
Depth steps: 9 to 46 cm, in the middle of the step ± 30 cm.

Pole diameter: 19 cm
Total staircase diameter (including the handrail: 175 cm

Width of the round outer edge of the stairs 20.5 cm.

Height of the bannister 105 cm
Width of the bannister 4 cm

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