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Italian Boomerang desk by Renzo Schirolli, 1960s


Boomerang desk by Renzo Schirolli, a striking piece from the 1960s. Renzo Schirolli’s Booomerang desk symbolizes the bold elegance of Italian design from that time.

The desk has a unique boomerang-shaped top made of walnut, complemented by a panel covered in black leather, adding a touch of luxury and functionality to the design. The functional elements are seamlessly integrated, with two hanging side pedestals with drawers providing ample storage space. These drawers are also covered in black leather, which adds to the sophistication of the desk. The desk is solidly built with a cylindrical cast iron and brass leg on a pink marble base, ensuring stability and durability while creating a striking visual contrast.

Renzo Schirolli, a household name in the art world, created this iconic piece around 1960. Its enduring appeal, practical design and beautiful details make it a timeless addition to any space, seamlessly blending vintage charm with contemporary elegance.

Dimensions: w 255 x d 76 – 110 x h 76 cm

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