SKU: 4404

Industrial double table lamp with 19th century and art deco elements, made by Bas Jonker


Exclusive creation made and designed by Bas Jonker: this industrial double table lamp is a work of art straight from our studio. This unique lamp combines industrial and steampunk-like aesthetics with a surprisingly graceful-tough look, inspired by the elegant Art Deco and vintage Peaky Blinders style. Made from an eclectic mix of antique materials, with wrought iron and cast iron details, a marble base with brass claw feet and antique reflector caps. Each part has been carefully selected and contributes to the characteristic appearance of this unique piece. With its authentic look and artisanal details, this table lamp is not only a source of light, but also a showpiece in any interior.

h 60 x w 91 x d 19 cm

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