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Handmade Delft tiles with metallic glaze


A modern take on our Delft tiles, are our walltiles with a metallic look. The tiles have a gun-metal black hue and the glaze has an oily sheen with an occasional bronze or golden hue that is enhanced with the sun or light.

These pure Dutch wall tiles (Witjes) are produced according to traditional methods (by hand) in our own workshop. The tiles are 13 x 13 cm with a thickness of 8mm.When installing, a minimal joint is best. This can simply be added with anthracite-colored grout, which can be obtained from the hardware store. There are 60 tiles in 1 m², they can also be purchased individually.

Our Frisian tiles in metal color find a good balance between modern and antique and turn a beautiful kitchen into a fantastic kitchen!

We advise our customers to come and see the tiles in real life. They differ in appearance because it is a handmade tile with a difficult glaze. The tiles can then be taken away immediately if you like them and there is enough stock. Therefore, first contact us about the available stock.

Reservations and orders are handled on a first come first served basis.

(This is the same product as item number 1063)

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