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Antique marble fireplace with soft pink and creme tones


Antique marble Trois Coquilles fireplace with soft pink and violet tones of the beautiful Fleur de Pêcher marble.

This mantelpiece was sculpted in the mid-19th century in the 18th century Louis XIV style, a style that was in vogue throughout Europe and was therefore also used in Dutch canal houses.

The drawing, colors and veins of the marble run throughout the mantelpiece, over all parts and runs from a strongly colored pink, on the left, to a lighter cream / white shade on the right, with a small yellow-tinted inclusion here and there. in the natural stone.

Also note the extremely refined detailing of the carved ornaments. Something special because the drawing of the marble is already so beautiful and striking that this marble does not specifically require such refined detailing.

Some details: shell ornaments, acanthus leaf ornaments, C-volutes, fluting.

Dimensions: h 108 x w 150 x d 43 cm
Inside dimensions: h 89 x w 112 cm

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