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Antique, gray cement tiles 30 x 30 cm


Antique gray cement tiles from circa 1864. These unique tiles represent one of the earliest uses of cement in floor construction and carry a rich history. Originally cast on old newspapers, leaving some newspapers stuck to the underside of the tiles, they reveal a fascinating slice of the past, as can be seen in the attached photos.

A special detail that these authentic floor tiles have is that they form the same floor as those in the cellars of Soestdijk Palace. In the last photo you can even see a number of tiles from our lot that are on the original floor of this historic cellar. A tangible connection with the past, directly to your interior.

Our antique gray cement tiles bring a touch of history and rustic character to your space. They fit perfectly in both rural and industrial interiors.

dimensions: ± 30 x 30 cm, thickness ± 24 – 27 mm

570 m² of stock

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