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Antique Burgundy flagstone flooring with round black inserts


Special antique Burgundy flagstone flooring with round black inserts of antique bluestone. The floortiles are hand-carved (not sawn) with ground underside.

From the French castle of Gaillon (see photo). A stately home from 1583, originally of simple architecture in the village of Gaillon-sur-Montcient, located northwest of Paris. The estate belonged to the Vion family from 1583 to the early twentieth century. The castle went through a major transformation in the eighteenth century and the gardens followed a century later. Since 1998, the estate has been transformed into a golf course named “Château de la Chouette”.

These Burgundian floor slabs had to make way for the golf course and has since been stored in one of the two nearby 17th century mills along the Montcient. In the summer of 2022 we managed to obtain this special floor.


± 32 x 32 cm; 102 whole and 30 half floor tiles. Total: 12.74 m²

± 27 x 27 cm; 6 whole and 5 half floor tiles. Total: 0.67 m²

± 23.5 x 23.5 cm 5 whole and 6 half floor tiles. Total: 0.48 m²

72 whole and 7 half pieces.

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