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A silver medallion from Bern commemorating the Silesian wars, 1957


A silver medallion from Bern commemorating the Silesian wars. On one side a portrait of Frederick the Great (Frederick II) and on the other side an image of a seated ‘Genius’ with the inscription “VERITATIS PARADOXA”, dated 1759. The content of the medal consists of a folded paper series of 39 double-sided etchings with battles from the Silesian Wars and a portrait of Frederick II. On the back of these etchings / engravings the handwritten travelogue of Antonie Hendrik Drijfhout van Hooff.

This silver screw token was bought in 1759 by Antonie Hendrik Drijfhout van Hooff (see photo), during his Grand Tour through Europe.

The Bern silver medal, markings of Johann Melchior Mörikofer, 1759; the screw fixings Augsburg, Jakob Langenbucher; the engravings Augsburg, Bartholomäus Hübner after drawings by G. Eichler, ca. 1760.

Diameter 5 cm

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