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A rich, monumental white marble mantelpiece with sculpted dogs


A rich and ornate monumental mantelpiece in the Italian Renaissance Revival style. Executed in the most exclusive selection of white marble from Carrara, the statuario quality, characterized by its pristine appearance without veins. The entire frieze, encompassing both the front and sides, is adorned with an egg crown molding. At its center lies a cartouche featuring a cherubic figure riding a male goat, flanked by cornucopias symbolizing abundance, acanthus leaves, and ribbons. Grapevines and rosettes further embellish the front and sides.

The jambs, crafted in the likeness of hunting dogs, boast Ionic capitals and are adorned with draped curtains above their backs. They rest upon a plinth adorned with stylized acanthus leaves.

The interior of this fireplace is fully sculpted, lending a sense of grandeur to the piece and allowing for versatile usage as a console table, further enhancing its functionality and allure.

While the fireplace has undergone some restorations, it has been impeccably restored to its former glory.

h 121,5 x w 168,2 x d 53,2 cm

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