A pair of carved limestone dogs


A pair of antique French carved limestone dogs

These natural stone statues come from a 17th century French church.

The animals sat on the elongated stone part that formed the ridge of the roof. At the front and the back, this stone part has ended straight, here the next sandstone block connected to these statues. As a result, it is not the gargoyles but these statues that are the endings of the stone ridge. (See also the example photo of a similar one at Notre Dam)

The heads and bodies have been weathered over time, and it can also be seen that the statues depict fabulous animals rather than real dogs or lions. This is common with so-called griffins or gargoyles, which are on churches and cathedrals.

Wonderful to use as garden statues or gate statues, but also very special as decorative statues, applied in a classic or even modern and sleek interior.

75 cm high x 28 cm wide x 42 cm long




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