Sebastian Jonker as new expert in the new season ‘Van Onschatbare Waarde’

2 March 2019

Brand new season Van Onschatbare Waarde at MAX Broadcasting with Sebastian Jonker as new expert.

Hilversum, February 27 – Dionne Stax will be presenting a new season of Van onschatbare Waarde on NPO 1 from Wednesday 3 April at 9:20 PM. Here sellers of special and valuable items get the chance to sell their object to one of the four experts. Once an offer has been accepted or refused, there is no turning back.

In the MAX program Van Onschatbare Waarde, people from all over the Netherlands get the unique opportunity to sell their valuable showpieces to one of the four renowned experts. The experts receive sellers in their own room. The seller accepts the offer or chooses to proceed to the next room. There is a need to negotiate smartly, because once a bid has been accepted or refused, there is no turning back.

Episode 1 – Wednesday, April 3, 9:20 pm, NPO 1 Salesman Waltraud at rush hour with a signed Picasso catalog. The booklet was given to her father-in-law when she moved an exhibition from Picasso. Are there interested in the catalog?

Bart tries to sell an old coat of arms. The collector bought the shield from a woman from Overijssel. Although he knew nothing of the origin when buying the shield, he is now an expert.

We also see Mathieu. He takes his beloved chocolate machine with him. In the 1970s he bought the machine on a market and paid 50 guilders for it. How much do the experts for the chocolate machine have left?

Finally, Hugo surprises the experts with a driving watch. Mister has owned the special object since the 1950s, after the death of his parents. There seems to be a lot of interest, but doesn’t Hugo bet too high?

The renowned buyers and sellers in Van Onschatbare Waarde are: Ilse Daatselaar, Arnold Wegh, Bert Degenaar and new this season; Sebastian Jonker.

Van Onschatbare Waarde From April 3, Weekly At 9:20 PM, NPO 1 Presentation: Dionne Stax