Antique fireplaces in all styles, colours and sizes


With a collection of over three hundred antique marble, limestone and sandstone fireplaces, Piet Jonker Historic Building Materials can rightly call itself a specialist in antique fireplaces.

Marble fireplaces used to be found in aristocratic homes in towns and cities, often in Baroque or Rococo style. At Piet Jonker you will find wide range of different types of marble, from Belgian black and white Carrara to the exclusive Sarrancolin marble.

Antique limestone and sandstone fireplaces have a more country feel. They are often simply built and have a more robust shape.

Our collection of antique marble fireplaces, and also that of limestone and sandstone fireplaces, is particularly extensive. On our ‘Lindenhof' estate you will find over three hundred antique fireplaces, in all styles, colours and sizes, from simple to original, historic castle fireplaces.

Piet Jonker Historic Building Materials offers a wide range of excellently quality restored building materials: floors, mirrors, lighting, interiors, bathroom fittings, white tiles, garden statues and ornaments.