Antique garden statues

In the splendid gardens of our ‘Lindenhof' estate, Piet Jonker presents a unique collection of antique garden statues and historic ornaments. Over recent years more and more attention is being paid to the garden. Old statues and ornaments are gaining an increasingly prominent place.

What is special about an antique garden ornament is that just one good piece can turn a beautiful garden into a distinguished garden.
The extensive collection of garden antiques includes antique garden statues, fountains, garden benches, garden tables, pond edges, sundials, garden vases and plinths. Whatever it is - only the best materials are considered for inclusion in our constantly changing collection.

Frequently used materials are cast iron, limestone or sandstone and Belgian bluestone stone. The majority of the collection of historic statues dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Many come from Italy and France. The French Louis styles such as Baroque and Rococo were adopted in the Netherlands and fit well in our gardens or homes.