Old Dutch white tiles ‘witjes'

Piet Jonker manufactures Old Dutch white tiles (witjes). These were originally designed as wall tiles intended to prevent penetrating damp in (from) the walls. From the 16th to the end of the 19th centuries, Old Dutch white tiles were manufactured in numerous places through the Netherlands.

We make Old Dutch white tiles ourselves: In our own studio, one at a time, by hand and using 18th century techniques. There are always around 100 different colour shades in stock. These different shades - with or without crackle glaze - are typical of Old Dutch white tiles and give a wall an authentic look.

We can also supply these tiles (hand) painted. For example with well-known designs such as landscapes, children's games and tulips, all based on 18th century examples. It is of course also possible to have your own design on these Old Dutch white tiles. In addition to the white tiles, you will also find a large collection of tiled fire surrounds.  

A new angle on the Old Dutch white tile is the ‘black witjes'. Inspired by old Portuguese wall tiles, this tile is ideal for combining with a modern interior.